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Using Zeeg Scheduling Link Without Offending Others: Tips and Tricks

Learn how to send your Zeeg scheduling link without offending your guests, clients, or invitees. Follow these rules and tricks to prevent misunderstandings.
Have you ever wondered if sending a Zeeg scheduling link to someone could come across as rude or make them feel inferior? It may seem trivial, but it's a concern even experienced Zeeg users may have. In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips to help you use your Zeeg link without offending others.
Firstly, it's essential to understand why some people might feel offended or uncomfortable with receiving a bare scheduling link. They may interpret it as a sign that you don't value their time or consider yourself superior to them. Moreover, it can make them feel like they have to fit into your schedule rather than the other way around.
To avoid such misunderstandings, follow these rules:
Sending a bare scheduling link with a message like "set an appointment with me through this link" could be perceived as arrogant or self-centered. Instead, consider how you would like to be approached if someone asked for your consultation on a specific subject. Consider giving your audience some context and choices.

Rule 2: Give Your Audience Some Choices

Rather than just sending your Zeeg link, ask your client or guest first to tell you their available times. Then, offer your scheduling page as an alternative. This approach demonstrates that you value their schedule and want to find a mutually convenient time. For example, you could say:
I'll be happy to know when you are free to have a meeting. You can also use my Zeeg scheduling page link if you like.
This polite approach lets your audience list their free time or use your scheduling link, whichever is easier for them. It's essential to make your clients feel comfortable and not think their time is less valuable than yours.
If your invitee is unfamiliar with Zeeg, you can briefly explain its benefits. Here's an example:
When would you like to have the meeting? You can also try scheduling through my Zeeg link. Zeeg is a time-saving platform that prevents ping-ponging messages for setting appointments.
Depending on your client's preference, you could also ask them to send you their Zeeg link, saying:
If you use Zeeg or similar services, it would be great to send me your scheduling link. Or you can just let me know when is suitable for you. You can also use my Zeeg link if you like.
In this way, you are not imposing your preferred scheduling method on your clients but instead making it easier for them to work with you.
Another useful tip is to prioritize scheduling through Zeeg but allow your guests to inform you if none of the available times suit them. For example:
This is my Zeeg link; schedule the meeting using it if possible. Just let me know if none of the available times is suitable for you.
This approach allows your guests to choose a convenient time through Zeeg or communicate their scheduling concerns with you.
Online scheduling services like Zeeg are beneficial, but not everyone may be familiar with them. To avoid misunderstandings, always give your clients or guests the freedom to choose how they want to schedule the meeting. Use polite language, provide context, and explain the benefits of using Zeeg. With these tips, you can use your Zeeg link effectively and efficiently without offending anyone.
Last modified 7mo ago